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This song is fantastic. It was created by the DJ Algodón Egipcio for Norte Sonoro, a multimedia project/music festival that explores the music of Northern Mexico. The visiting artists are provided with tracks recorded by local artists in the traditional genres of the region, which they use to create their own original tracks.

The vocals on this track are from a traditional canto cardenche song called “Yo ya me voy a morir a los desiertos” - in English, “I am going to go to the desert to die”, recorded by Los Cardencheros de Sapioriz.

Here’s what the artist has to say about the track:

“Before I even started working on my piece, I knew I didn´t want to focus on just one of the musical styles that we were working with. So I started to take several elements: bajo sexto, the ‘caja’ from the cumbia, redova accordion, the percussions from the ‘cumbión’ and the accordion from the chotis piece. And of course, the chorus from the Cardenche piece ‘Yo ya me voy a morir a los desiertos’. I tweaked everything slightly, cut and pasted carefully, paid attention to the song´s dynamics, and included some signature Algodón Egipcio sounds to develop a song that almost sounds pop, and that has an interesting progression that I love.

 Thanks to the amazing NPR Podcast Alt Latino for introducing me this song!

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